€50,000 Sit & Go Booty

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Sit & Go poker is a must format during April thanks to the fantastic €50,000 Sit & Go Booty promotion. Playing SNGs is a great way of experiencing the excitement of tournament play, and not only are we adding money to the prize pools to the tune of €40,000, but we’re also running a €10,000 leaderboard throughout the month!
How It Works

It’s not rocket science! When you play any Heads Up or Regular Sit & Go with a buy-in from €2 to €25 there’ll be added money to battle for. During the promotion, eligible tournaments can be found in the Sit & Go section of the Poker Lobby, with the amount of money added shown.
As an additional incentive you can get involved in our €10,000 leaderboard, which has a cool €1,000 for the player who emerges at the top at the end of the month, and 450 prizes being awarded. Accumulating leaderboard points is based on how many times you cash in the special Booty SNGs, and the buy-in itself, with half the amount of points being awarded for Heads Up SNGs. For example, if you cash in a €5 regular added money SNG you receive 5 points, while a cash in a €5 Heads Up added money SNG earns 2.5 points towards the SNG Booty leaderboard.

Place Cash Prize
1st €1,000.00
2nd €750.00
3rd €600.00
4th €400.00
5th €200.00
6th €150.00
7th €125.00
8th €100.00
9th €75.00
10th €50.00
11th-20th €40.00
21st-50th €35.00
51st-80th €30.00
81st-120th €25.00
121st-180th €20.00
181st-240th €15.00
241st-290th €10.00
291st-370th €5.00
371st-450th €2.50

Have a great month enjoying our Added Money SNGs, and good luck getting your hands on the booty!

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