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Thread: All the best for 2014 from Sef and co. ;)

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    Default All the best for 2014 from Sef and co. ;)

    Christmas time has come and past
    All that fuss to go so fast
    We filled with food and wine and stuff
    Kept throwing it down when we had enough
    Now it's gone we tend to leer
    At what will happen in new year
    It might be good or could be bad
    We're not quite sure what will be had
    I write this rhyme while full of thought
    After all the things I bought
    We have no need for all these things
    That people buy and Santa brings
    All we need are those around
    The voices I hear a constant sound
    Anyway I'm straying off
    The topic I was thinking of
    I write this for you all to say
    My poker friends who often play
    The game we love The game we hate
    Another notch on the bad beat slate
    I'm really here to wish you well
    Coming close the that big bell
    That we all the same time hear
    to bring us into this new year
    At that time this is all I ask
    Is for you to raise a glass
    And toast to everyone you know
    While letting this old year go
    A toast to friends around the world
    New and old and Virtual
    Have the best and drunkest time
    If you don't drink ignore this rhyme
    Anyway my friends I say
    That on this happy new years day
    I wish you all the best to come
    Be it vodka or dark rum
    You're hangover will very soon pass
    And you will raise another glass
    So keep it real and enjoy life
    Do not stress and do not strife
    Just have a blast and keep a smile
    And life will always be worthwhile!

    Probably rambled on there but just typed as it came!

    All the best for 2014 everyone.
    No matter how bad things get........ KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!!

    APAT ECOAP Online ME champion 2012

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    Default Re: All the best for 2014 from Sef and co. ;)

    that poems total crap plus utter pish
    we all know that was written by the biggest fish

    bonusbanter suffers him via these threads
    but after reading this one, I wish I was dead.

    Hoopy new year bud :)

    There's no "I" in team but there are 5 in "individual brilliance"

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    All round Spawny Hoor

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    Default Re: All the best for 2014 from Sef and co. ;)

    Fantastic Sef !!

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