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Thread: BonusBanter Poker League - 250 ADDED in FREE BETS

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    Default BonusBanter Poker League - 250 ADDED in FREE BETS

    Bonusbanter BB250 Poker League - in association with Betvictor Poker

    Click below to visit betvictor and receive up to $1000 First Deposit BONUS and be eligible to play our league :


    BB250 Poker League

    10-game league : 17th June - 19th August
    FREEROLL Final : 26th August 2013
    Mondays at 8pm (UK time)

    NL HE Freezeout

    $5 Entry
    $5 Add-on at first break


    All Weekly League game Winners will receive a *FREE BET worth 10

    Overall League Winner receives 30 *FREE BET

    Overall League Runner-Up receives 20 *FREE BET

    Top 10 at the end of the league win a seat at the *FREEROLL FINAL

    FREEROLL Final Prizes

    1st = 30 FREE BET
    2nd = 20 FREE BET
    3rd = 15 FREE BET
    4th-10th = 5 FREE BET

    Points structure

    1 point per place

    So, if there are 30 entries then 1st place will win 30 points, 2nd 29 and so on.

    Bonus Points for the following places :

    1st - 5 bonus points
    2nd - 4 bonus points
    3rd - 3 bonus points
    4th - 2 bonus points
    5th - 1 bonus point

    Win 2 games in a row and you get 10 bonus points !!!

    Every players top 9 scores from the 10 league games will count towards the final league positions and determine who will win a ticket to PB500 Final.


    In case of a tie at the end of the league, the person with most wins, then most 2nd places and so on will take the higher position.

    * To be eligible for a freeroll ticket or FREE BET Winner or Runner Up Prize you MUST be a recognised member of BonusBanter forum with at least 5 posts of "real content" and be signed up to the forum BEFORE game 8 in the league. To be eligible for ANY prize you must have signed up to BetVictor via our page links and/or banners which you can see below.

    * To be eligible for a weekly FREE BET Prize you must have posted your username in this thread at any time OR post in this forum to claim your prize within 24 hours of the event finishing.

    BonusBanter admin team reserves the right to change any of the above at their discression for the good of the forum and its members or due to unforeseen circumstances. Admin teams decision is FINAL in all cases.

    If you don't yet have a BetVictor account then please use the banner below to sign up and support the league :

    If you have any problems signing up then post in here. Also please post in here if you will be playing in the league and like/share this page to your facebook wall to build up numbers :)

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    Default Re: BonusBanter Poker League - 250 ADDED in FREE BETS

    another free bet bites the dust

    There's no "I" in team but there are 5 in "individual brilliance"

    Banter Poker League Champion 2010 - 2011 - 2013 - 2015 - 2016

    Banter Player Of The Year 2010 - 2012 - 2013 - 2015

    All round Spawny Hoor

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    Default Re: BonusBanter Poker League - 250 ADDED in FREE BETS

    Quote Originally Posted by evilbow View Post
    another free bet bites the dust
    Would only use a free bet on that bet lets be honest.
    No matter how bad things get........ KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!!

    APAT ECOAP Online ME champion 2012

    Twitter -pbsef


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