Over the years i have seen a lot of poker sites come and go. A lot of sites have been great and unfortunately went under for various reasons but...........

these threads are for warning other members about problems being had with any poker rooms past and present. This will be strictly moderated so as to not be a witch hunt.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly or with deception then please create a topic with the name of the poker site in the title.

Do not open multiple threads for the same poker room.

Please try provide some backing to your claims or some screenshots or emails to back up your claims.

There are sites out their operating right now who are treating players unfairly, whether it be by withholding funds, failing to let them withdraw in a timely manner or changing their T&C's to the detriment of the player.

We will use this forum to try and safeguard new members from falling into the same traps and if it is seen that a site is acting unfairly i will peronally contact their affiliate department and demand answers. If they do not respond with a good reason then i will remove them from the site adverts and no further promotion of their site will be allowed on bonusbanter.