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Thread: Betfair-Paul Nicholls racehorse share.

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    Default Betfair-Paul Nicholls racehorse share.

    I'm tempted to have a wee go at this one.

    In a coming-together of great sports, Betfair Poker Pro, John Tabatabai, has been coaching champion racehorse trainer, Paul Nicholls at the poker tables. At 8pm on Sunday the 23rd of January you have a unique chance own a racehorse. In this $55 tournament you can win a 5% share of winnings of the Betfair-owned, Nicholls-trained racehorse, Indian Daudaie.
    The Betfair Poker Pro John Tabatabai has been down to the Nicholls stables to teach the champion trainer a trick or two at the tables and get the lowdown on Indian Daudaie. Watch what happened when John met Paul!

    Prize details

    All prize money from the tournament will be paid out as normal, with the top ten players receive the additional racing prizes shown below:
    1st - 5% stake in Indian Daudaie
    2nd - Pair of Cheltenham Festival Tickets + 100 Racing Bet
    3rd - Pair of Cheltenham Festival Tickets
    4th -Pair of Cheltenham Festival Tickets
    5th - A Paul Nicholls Jacket
    6th - A Paul Nicholls Jacket
    7th - A Paul Nicholls Jacket
    8th - 50 Racing Bet
    9th - 30 Racing Bet
    10th - 10 Racing Bet
    Bounty Prizes

    If you knock out Paul Nicholls or John Tabatabai you will win the additional bounty prizes:
    John Tabatabai (table alias - 'kanku wap') - $200 ticket to Betfair online $200,000 Sunday tournament.
    Paul Nicholls ('PFNicholls') - A stable tour of Nicholls' yard.

    Terms & Conditions
    All standard Betfair Poker terms and conditions apply.
    Terms and conditions for race horse stake can be found here -
    All Cheltenham festival tickets will be standard racecourse entry only. Winners will be contacted to select which day they wish to go.
    Winners of jackets will be contacted to confirm size required and delivery address with 48 hours of promotion.
    All free bets will be credited to winner's Betfair wallets within 72 hours.
    $200 tournament ticket will expire after 42 days if not used. It may be redeemed in any Sunday $200k Guarantee Tourney.
    Stable tour winner will be contacted within 72 hours to arrange a tour date. Prize includes winners travel expenses up to 100.
    No cash alternative available for any prizes.

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    Default Re: Betfair-Paul Nicholls racehorse share.

    Sorry to bump up this old thread but is there an offer similar to this around?

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    Default Re: Betfair-Paul Nicholls racehorse share.

    Haven't seen an offer like this for a long time now. Was a great offer and event and was very popular. If anyone knows of an offer then feel free to post.

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