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Thread: Mint GLasgow, Jackpot Thursday

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    Default Mint GLasgow, Jackpot Thursday

    Tournament Poker every Thursday at the Mint Casino Glasgow

    Jackpot Thursday NLH Poker at Mint Glasgow

    Jackpot Carried Over Total 1,660
    ( Estimated Jackpot for Thusday 11th Nov. 2,300+ )

    30 + “10 Jackpot Add-on” (6.5k chips + 6.5k chips)
    2k Early Registration Bonus to all paid players registered by 8.15pm

    Registration 7.30pm-8.15pm
    (Late registration available to end of Level 2)

    Tournament Starts 8.30pm (25min blinds)

    All “10 Jackpot Add-ons” purchased on Thursday 11th November will be added to the CARRIED OVER JACKPOT pool of 1,660
    To qualify for Jackpot entry, the “10 Jackpot Add-on” (6,500 chips) must be purchased before end of level 3

    At the conclusion of the tournament, the outright winner will draw one name for every six “10 Jackpot Add-ons” purchased.
    If the tournament winner picks his own ticket he will win the accumulated, guaranteed, JACKPOT pool.
    If the JACKPOT is not won it will ROLLOVER to the following Thursday, and so on.

    Free Indian Buffet to all registered Poker Players at 1st break

    Dealer Dealt Cash game available
    5% Rake (Max 10)
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