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Thread: Betfair moving to ONGAME

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    Default Betfair moving to ONGAME

    Received this email from Betfair affiliates this morning. Must say its a bit of a shock, i thought they were very busy using their own independant network ?

    Here's the email :

    As part of an ongoing effort to improve its poker offering, Betfair will be implementing several changes and improvements to its service this year. One key change sees Betfair no longer operating as an independent poker network, but instead moving onto the Ongame Network.

    Joining the Ongame Network will mean better liquidity for our customers, more games to play (even at unsociable hours), larger tournaments, exceptional promotions, more game types, more languages to play in, and the added benefit that we will now have a product that targets both PC and Mac users alike with full-feature versions for both.

    It is important to note that Ongame is a rakeback-free network, so players acquired will benefit from our loyalty scheme known as the Betfair Player’s Club, once we migrate.
    Further to this changeover your commissions will remain unchanged, however, we expect player’s rake levels to increase due to their being plenty of real money players online at the Betfair Poker table’s thus better conversions for you.

    To celebrate Betfair Poker 2 we are organising some wicked promotions which can be viewed on our Betfair Poker site, promotions section here!

    Thank you for your support,
    Best regards,

    The Betfair Poker Team
    To join Betfair simply click the banner below :

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    Default Re: Betfair moving to ONGAME

    I thought they were one of the bigger, highly profitable sites,
    because they do a lot of sponsorship.
    Very surprising.
    Next FullTilt will Merge with Cake.

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    Default Re: Betfair moving to ONGAME

    Sorry to bump this up but are they still on Ongame Network? I can't get any confirmation from this elsewhere.

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    Default Re: Betfair moving to ONGAME

    They moved from Ongame to ipoker in May or so which is why I had to transfer to Paradise for the GSOP


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