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Congratulations on finding! You are now well on the way to making money and having a great time doing it ! We aim to provide a daily selection of the best free betting tips on football, golf, horse racing, football pools betting and much much more. We also supply sports news on all the worlds top events and you are free to join our forums where like-minded people such as yourself discuss a whole range of betting events. Our forum community also organise exclusive online poker leagues and weekly games where the banter at the tables is second to none.

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 Free Colossus Bets Tips

Colossus Bets have taken the betting world by storm since last year and offer some of the most exciting football pools betting ever seen. If you haven’t joined yet then you are truly missing out on some top action. Colossus Bets have weekly tips given by former England Striker Michael Owen and we are proud to say that Michael also posts his latest colossus bets tips exclusively to every week.

Of course, Michael may not be the best tipster in the world so our team also provide what they think are the value colossus bets tips for all games including the midweek games and weekend pools games. Don’t forget that as a member of BonusBanter you can claim an exclusive £10 bonus by using Colossus Bets Bonus Code BANTER when opening an account. That gives you up to 50 FREE BETS to try and win the £1 Million Jackpot !


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Free Daily Football Betting Tips

We pride ourselves on our record of providing top class free football betting tips every day of the week. While other sites restrict themselves to UK football tips or European Football Tips, we go that bit further and give daily tips on a range of events around the world. With the upcoming World Cup we will be looking to claim maximum profit from our free football betting tips.

You will NEVER be charged for our expert analysis. All you have to do is sit back, check our site and take our advice. Why trawl through endless stats and then look at which bookie is giving the best odds. Our experts provide their free football tips along with which online bookie to bet with to maximise returns. We are not going to pretend that every bet will be a winner but over the course of the last 8 years our team have returned a consistent profit in each year for their free football tips. Check them out now.

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Free Horse Racing Tips

With so many horse racing tipsters on the web we know how hard it is to find one that really does pay out over the long term. That’s why we took the decision to offer our free horse racing tips to you, our members, so you can escape the trap of paying for tips when there is some very good money to be made right here at BonusBanter.

We focus on making large amounts from small stakes using betting multiples such as Yankees or Canadians. By sticking to these bets we maximise profits & limit our outgoings to a manageable level, while we wait on the big returns coming in. You won’t see us posting “certs” or tips “direct from the stables” which are never really worth their salt…… but you will see some good honest free horse racing tips with the chance for massive rewards.


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 Free Golf Betting Tips

One of our favourite markets to bet on is the golf. We specialise in free golf betting tips from both sides of the atlantic featuring both the U.S PGA Tour, The European Tour & Majors. Each week we will bring you free golf betting tips with our top picks for the weekend PLUS our longshot bets for those who are looking for a little more value for their bets.

We have had some amazing returns and massive priced winners over the years and we look forward to continuing to always supply FREE golf betting tips unlike other sites who will charge you for the privilege. That just isn’t our style. With around 150 players each week, Golf Betting is one of the most lucrative markets to have a run on and if you stick with us we can ensure that you will be a winner in the long term by following our free golf betting tips.

There are 2 ways to look at betting. Firstly you could be looking to win money. Secondly you could be looking to have fun with the added chance of winning money. Whichever is yours, you want to win money with whatever event you are betting on. That’s where we come in. We have been supplying winning tips to our users for years now and continue to offer free betting tips on a range of sports from Football to Speedway and many more. Just choose which sporting events you want to make money on and see the latest tips from our panel of expert tipsters.

Daily Free Betting Tips

We aim to give a daily selection of tips for each sport although some days each sport may have less going on. Golf, for example is mostly a Thursday-Sunday event. Our selection of Free Betting Tips are unique from most other tipster sites as we will NEVER charge for any of our top quality tips. All you have to do is count the cash as it rolls in ! Our Free Football Tips section offers tips mostly on U.K football but also ventures into Champions League Tips, Europa League Tips and of course the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil !

Free Bets & Exclusive Offers

If you are a regular gambler then you will know that the online bookmakers are constantly offering free bets, exclusive bonuses and sign-up offers to tempt you to join them. For this reason it is best to have your options open when placing bets and Here at we pride ourselves on having a great relationship with many of the top online bookies. We are perfectly placed to bring you the latest free bet offers and bookies sign-up bonuses. We also have a bookies reviews section where you can have a look at what ratings we have given each online bookie and see if they will suit you. If you fancy a game of poker while browsing for your top bets of the day then check out our online poker reviews section where you can also find some tasty bonus offers and impartial reviews of each site.