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June 17, 2018

AI predicts Spain will be the World Cup 2018 winner


AI predicts Spain will be the World Cup 2018 winner

According to the newest information from Science Alert,  an artificial intelligence program predcits World Cup 2018 champions based on 100,000 simulations. The programs used database from previous tournaments and three other different techniques. Finally, the international research teams said Spain will be the winner of this tournament. This research was published on on June, 13th. Many betting players in Vietnam believe in this prediction and they are planning to bet all of their money to this team with the big hope to win in this World Cup betting odds (tỷ lệ cược World Cup 2018 – translated in Vietnamese)

World Cup 2018

Although most of predictions from different experts and sport bookmarkers now favor German team, the AI program analyzes both of strength and the journey that they have spent to get into the finals of each team. In reality, Even Germany can beat Spain, the research indicates that Germany will face more difficult opponents during the tournament before that. In the analysis, Span will be more advatageous than Germany because Germany might be stopped at Top 16 before they can get into the final.

The research team includes the researcher from Dortmund University of Technology, Munich University of Technology (Germany) and Ghent University ( Belgium). They used three techniques for dataprocessing including Poisson regression, ranking method and random forest method.

The random forest method is particularly suitable for World Cup tournament. It can be strcutured like a football league. AI programs uses learning machine to draw map with random branches, corresponding with different scenarios and following consequences.

The research team used 100,000 simulators for World Cup 2018 predictions. And the final results are: Spain ranked highest with 17.8%, followed by Germany with 17.1%, Brazil 12.3%, France 11.2%, Belgium 10.4%. And Saudi Arabia is the team that is not expected to be in the final match.

Goldman Sachs, a financial company also runs AI Program to predict the World Cup final winner and the results also showed that Spain will be the winner. Goldman Sachs calculations also use the random forest method.



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