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August 13, 2017

Our Poker League is back on 32red !


The poker league is here!!!!!!

Playing on 32red every Monday & Friday 8pm (late reg til 9pm) Starting on Monday 14th August for 10 weeks


  1. Click here to download 32red poker >>
  2. Look under SPECIALS tab
  3. Our League is named AIYH League
  4. No password required, just hit JOIN

Buy In/ Structure
€6 buy in
1 rebuy allowed
Optional add on after 60 mins for 5k chips
2k start stack
8 min blinds

Estimated €250 league prize pool and will be awarded as follows…

League winner €130
2nd €80
3rd €40

*Please note this is an estimate based on the amount of players in the warm ups and may change depending on the amount of players each game.*

League Points Structure
You get a point just for turning up :)

Additional points are awarded as 1 point per player with top 3 recieving extra points
20 players
20th – 1+1 2pts
19th – 1+2 3pts
18th – 1+3 4pts
and so on….
17th – 5pts
16th – 6pts
15th – 7pts
14th – 8pts
13th – 9pts
12th – 10pts
11th – 11pts
10th – 12pts
9th – 13pts
8th – 14pts
7th – 15pts
6th – 16pts
5th – 17pts
4th – 18pts
extra points for top 3
3rd – 19+2 = 21pts
2nd – 20+4 – 24pts
1st – 21+6 – 27pts

€50 Freeroll
To qualify for the freeroll you must have played 14+ league games.
Qualifying players will recieve a ticket for this in their 32red account

If you don’t already have an account then click the banner to get 32red poker

You can keep track of all the action & scores on our FORUM so go and check it out now! Do you have what it takes to win our poker league ? Many have tried, but few have accomplished it!



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