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March 10, 2016

Colossus Bets FREEPLAY tickets!


Play Colossus Bets for FREE !

Colossus Bets have long been one of our favourite football betting sites & now they really have gone that extra mile. As of now you can play Colossus Bets for FREE. That’s right, you don’t have to deposit ANYTHING and you have the chance to win huge prizes.

How to Play Colossus Bets FREEPLAY

It’s simple to join in the fun. All you have to do is click one of our Colossus Bets banners, or alternatively click our COLOSSUS BETS LINKS which take you straight to their site. When signing up you should use our Colossus Bets Bonus Code BANTER so that if you do decide to deposit then you can claim up to £100 in FREE BETS matched to your first 72 hours of play.


Easy to Use

Once you have signed up then all you need to do is click the FREEPLAY button on the homepage and see if there are any tickets available to use. You don’t need any knowledge to play but of course it helps! Even if you haven’t any idea of football or haven’t had time to study the form…… or just feel lucky……. then you can use Colossus Bets “smart pick” feature which gives you a random lucky dip based on betting trends & likely outcomes for each match.

Once you have chosen your results then hit the PLAY button. This offer is not just for new members either. ALL members, past, present & future are eligible to play. Even if you have funds in your account then you can still opt to have a free go every time you see the FREEPLAY ticket available.

Once you have chosen your results & placed your coupon then all you have to do is sit back & watch the results roll in.


Consolation Prizes & early Cashout

Not only can you win a share of the jackpot by predicting a few match results but Colossus Bets freeplay also offer you a consolation prize if your ticket falls just short ! Remember, this is all for FREE. Not only that but colossus offers the innovative pools cashout system. What this means is that at half time & full time of any given matches, Colossus Bets will offer you a cashout offer to buy some or all of your ticket depending on how well the results are going. This means you can bank profits at half time for real cash !!

Where to play Colossus Bets FREEPLAY

Colossus Bets freeplay is available to play on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile with apps available for each. The Apps are brilliantly made & offer real ease of use to the player with simple instructions & clear, crisp graphics to make it fast & simple to place your coupon.


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