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May 22, 2015

Eurovision 2015 Betting Tips

eurovision 2015 betting tips

Eurovision 2015 Betting Tips

It’s that time of the year when you have either gone out to buy lot’s of popcorn & beer or you will be trying to avoid the cringefest which is the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Here at Banter Towers we have a bit of a guilty pleasure to admit to as we love watching the outrageous & sublime talent on display. If you have read this far then I am guessing you are either a hardcore

2015 eurovision betting tips

Conchita Wurst

gambler who will bet on anything, or you are also admitting that you too love a bit of bearded ladies singing love songs while wearing a prom dress. When you put it like that of course, who couldn’t tune in to see what will top that this year?!

Last year we saw Conchita Wurst (pictured left) winning with ease. This wasn’t a shock victory as she was a solid favourite. This year however there isn’t a massive favourite and so there is plenty of value to be had….. especially if you cam pick the songs which seem to do well on the continent but which bookmakers in the UK rate as no hopers.


Eurovision 2015 Betting Tips

So, who should be looking out for this year?

Well, the favourites as we type are Sweden at 13/8 with Skybet. In fact, we will be using Skybet for all our odds as hey are giving 1/4 odds on first 4 and best odds on the our picks. You can also claim the deposit offer (bet £5 get £20) if you are a new customer.

There are a few factors and trends we can look for to conclude who the value bets are and indeed who could win. For example, the songs are released on iTunes after the semi-finals and are a good measure of songs the public will vote for. The performing draw is also a boost to those performing in the second half of the show as these are tunes which will stay fresher in peoples minds when voting. There are many other factors but rather than bore you with them we will just give you our predictions and save you the bother of researching :)

Eurovision 2015 Favourites

13/8 to win

Sweden, as we said, are favourites at 13/8 odds. The song is called “Heroes” & is performed by one of Sweden’s top musicians. He is good looking, young & fairly trendy so will get a lot of votes from the younger females (who make up the top demographic for voting). The song is very good too of course.

Next in the Eurovision betting tips are Italy & Russia at 10/3 & 3/1 respectively. Italy have world class, Grammy nominated operatic act Il Volo. It’s a kind of Pop meets Opera song which will have a very broad audience. Russia had a very good Semi-Final performance and done very well on iTunes downloads since then. Their odds have tumbled since especially as they have a good draw.

Any one of those could win but are short odds. We believe the value lies elsewhere, especially with top 4 places paying.

Estonia have a solid chance of at least a place with a catchy tune hat could easily be in the charts if released in the UK. At 20/1 odds they are worth a punt. You also have to look at Norway & Serbia both at odds of 33/1. Norway have got a very good tune which will stand out with it’s catchiness (is that a word?) . The fact we have so many forgettable ballads this year will boost Norways chance with this quirky number breaking up the humdrum of the lesser acts. Serbia have an outsiders chance and is one of those songs which kicks into life in the middle of the tune and gives you a nice uplift.

Estonia would by last country to watch at a decent 20/1. The song is good, & it’s another which has done well in iTunes so would be no surprise if it won. We couldn’t go without mentioning the UK entry of course but I won’t say too much. It’s a decent song but it seems more a song from Eurovision gone by. They won’t win and look mid-table for sure.

Click below to see all the odds and to claim up to £30 bonus from Skybet. Let us know your eurovision 2015 betting tips in the comments below too please !





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