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June 9, 2014

Bonusbanter Monday Poker Games


BonusBanter Monday Poker Games

I am pleased to introduce Bonusbanter Manic Mondays.
Mondays just got better again with our new Monday schedule.

pokerbanter weekly game

Banter & Bragging rights

Bonusbanter Manic Mondays


Venue – Pokerstars

Bonusbanter Knockout
Start – 8pm
Buy in – $5.50 + $1.25
Start stack – 5k
Blinds – 10 mins

Make your way to the prize while taking heads along the way. $0.75 for every head you take.

You can download Pokerstars using the banner below :

If you are not a member of bonusbanters homegames on Pokerstars then send a request using the details below.

  • Go to the “home games” tab on pokerstars software
  • Click “join a poker club”
  • Enter club id – 36893
  • Enter invitation code – banterleague

Once you have done that we will approve all new players before Mondays games. Please be as quick as possible so you don’t miss out !

Be warned though that although the games are all played in good banter, the members at are all very capable and talented players with a will to win. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you their. Tell your friends and share via Facebook and Twitter to challenge them to one of the best poker nights around.



  1. Seligor

    Hello there, well here I am still with you but I have no idea why. Maybe because you’ve come to Poker Stars which are better prices etc and times than Titan. Only trouble I think we might encounter again is the amount of people registering for to play. I looked at the three games already and there was no increase in the members playing in those games.
    Lets see how it goes and lets keep our fingers crossed that we can reach the end of this stint without games having to be cancelled.
    Hugs Dot (seligor)

  2. BBTipster

    Hey Seli,

    we had 7 last week mainly because I didn’t get an email sent out to all players. Still, the banter was good and I managed to win 2 of the 3 games lol
    There were a few players missing last week that I expect to play this week. I am on holiday so cant play but I have registered anyway to donate to the funds for all you guys who do play :)


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