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Thread: Good Evening.

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    Default Good Evening.

    Evening Gents.

    Been a while.

    I am back in fife. For the now...

    Might get a chance to play poker again, besides the Casinos are there any local games that anyone knows off?

    Iíve joined Fife Poker on the FB but havenít been along, Amanda went to The Brig in Methil last night and said it was ok.

    Is there still a league on here?

    Iíve been effectively offline now for about 7 years so any info appreciated

    Sporadic attendance likely.

    Veni, vidi, vici

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    Default Re: Good Evening.

    Hi mate, knew you couldn't stay away from our sunny weather for too long :-)

    There was a league just a couple of months ago & looking into next one now for on here. Probably on Pokerstars.

    As for Fife, I am not sure. @The_Gatherer may have more info. I have seen Styx still holding some poker so maybe enquire there or look at their FB page too. As always will be games at Dundee & Maybury of course.

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